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I've lost 23 pounds and now it's easy to continue!


Erika - Thank you for helping me lose weight! You have armed me with the insight to understand where I’ve been, the tools to help me find my way forward and a firm belief that the answers already reside within me as you remind me daily in the relaxation tape. It used to be so hard to lose weight, it was such a challenge to keep it off. And things in my past were making it even more difficult. But now I've lost 23 pounds, and it's easy now to continue! I can’t thank you enough for finally introducing me to how to find the way forward for my life in this new iteration! Thanks again!


"Sugar Monster" is Dead!

Hi Erika! So I wanted to share this with you. At work they have a candy BOX and its FULL of all sorts of Super Yummy candy. Before I did hypnosis and attended your, "Reprogram your Weight" class, I would have eaten at least two or three handfuls of the candy, if not more, DAILY.

Since hypnosis, I have not touched ONE SINGLE piece the whole two weeks I've been at this office!! I keep going back to my magnet that we made, Am I Hungry Enough to Eat (insert food you would only eat when Really hungry).

Plus, with hypnosis, the Sugar Monster IS DEAD!!!  *

~PC, Bellingham, WA*

PAIN FREE after Brief Hypnosis Session

Reprogram Your Weight LIVE : March 25, 2017 Feedback* 

"Thank you so much for such a great day full of pearls, both the stories and the tips. I have been thinking that the pains I've suffered with the last few months were entirely due to auto-immune responses to wheat and dairy. What a surprise to walk out of the hotel pain free!! After a good night's sleep, the pain was still almost gone. New diagnosis? Stress. Your brief hypnotic sessions helped me to relax in a way I haven't for years, perhaps since childhood. Eating wheat and dairy were ways to de-stress with "comfort foods" from youth and they didn't work, but made things worse. I now understand the connection and will look at food as nourishment rather than escapes from daily tension and stress. Thank you!"*

H, Bellingham, WA*

Loses Weight Along with Cravings for Carbs and Sugar

“Like most people who are overweight, I tried every diet program there was to lose weight, only to gain it back again. It just became a way of life….lose the weight…put it back on…and repeat for years. I had no “will power” and considered myself a carb-o-holic.

Erika will change your life. I went to lose weight, but got so much more. She is a beautiful, gentle, caring professional who changed my life. Not only am I losing weight, I am sleeping thru the night. I can handle stress. My self-esteem is back. I have more energy. I have the desire to do things, and my depression is gone.

Erika got to the “root” of WHY I was on this self-destructive roller coaster of a life. From the first day I met with her, I lost my craving for carbs and sweets and I have not looked back*.

Do not hesitate to call Erika. Stop the insanity. I did. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself”

-Sharon, Lynden, WA*

Steadily Losing Weight and Found Joy and Happiness Again

I am so happy that I decided to go see Erika. You immediately feel at ease upon meeting her. Right away her calmness makes you feel relaxed. Erika has incredible insight into your feelings. She is compassionate and caring and was able to get to the root of my problems and help me settle life long issues. I originally went to see her for wright loss, of which I am steadily loosing weight each week, but biggest thing for me is that I found my joy and happiness again! ”

M, Oak Harbor, WA *

Unbelievable Results with Weight Loss and More

“Erika – I would be happy to speak on your behalf and you may use my name. My problem is sounding unbelievable when I say what an incredible change in my life our short time together accomplished. I came to you for help losing weight and received so much more. For the first time in my 69 years I have real insight into what makes me tick and the tools to effect positive change in my personal performance and interpersonal relationships. Weight loss has become secondary but the weight continues to come off slowly, and I feel more fit each day. I practice 7th Path and the other self-hypnosis methods you taught me daily. Thank you so much for what you do."

-Dale *

Weight loss client loses weight, increases mobility and improves relationship with spouse

“I originally came into Cascade Hypnosis Center for weight loss, but I ended up with so much more. During my second session with Erika, I was able to remove a fear blockage that kept me from progressing for a long time. After that session I was able to walk better than I had walked in a few years and was able to walk out of the office without my cane*.  Without pain, movement is fun again, which makes exercise much more pleasurable.

I thought being able to lose weight was my major goal, but I received so much more in the loss of unreasonable fear. I have a new relationship with food – mainly, I know the difference between being thirsty and being full, and I really feel when I am actually full. That makes it so easy to simply stop eating! My favorite food is ice cream and I used to feel compelled to eat all of it if it was around but now I can have ice cream in the house without feeling an uncontrolled desire to eat it all. I am in control again.

I’ve lost weight and expect it to continue*, but I didn’t know that I’d be able to walk better. Without pain and fear guiding me, my relationship with my husband has also improved substantially.

L, Bellingham, WA*

Weight loss client’s pounds “melt away”

“Sometimes…we need help with our life journey. Thankfully, I found the help I needed to “get back on track” with my personal journey. That help was found when I contacted Erika Flint at Cascade Hypnosis Center. Erika’s approach in guiding me through the issues I needed to face was perfect for me. She is kind, caring and compassionate. I shed six pounds the first week*; and in six weeks I am down 16 pounds! I remember her saying the pounds would “melt away” and she was right. I feel better, my activity level has increased; and I am truly enjoying life once again. I practice self hypnosis; and enjoying listening to Erika’s hypnosis CD. I have found these techniques to be extremely helpful when I am feeling stressed or need a “time-out”. If you are “on the fence” as it relates to hypnotherapy, I strongly encourage you to contact Erika for more information (you won’t be disappointed!). In closing, I extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to Erika – you truly changed my life. Respectfully submitted, D. Smith, Ferndale WA”

-D. Smith, Ferndale WA*