Cascade Hypnosis Center values are based on compassion and respect. With Cascade Hypnosis Center you are choosing to work with a local company that cares about your individual needs, and strives to exceed all of your expectations.

We use the latest techniques in hypnosis and hypnotherapy and devise individualized programs for every client.

Each session is one-on-one with an experienced, certified Hypnotherapist, and our Hypnotherapists are trained in the most effective, modern, professional, and advanced hypnosis techniques in the world. 

Hypnosis can help, even in cases where other techniques have failed. 

Learn how hypnosis helps reprogram how you think and feel to achieve lasting weight loss without the struggle. Helen Raptis of KATU-TV's AM Northwest interviews award-winning hypnotist, Erika Flint author of Reprogram Your Weight.


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During this introductory consultation, you'll speak with a certified hypnotherapist. Learn how hypnosis can help with your specific issues, and get all of your questions answered. 


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Letters and testimonials from our clients describing the life-changing results they've achieved with hypnosis at Cascade Hypnosis Center. 


Milestone Successes

We encourage clients to celebrate their milestone successes by posting notes on our in-office bulletin board. Check out all the ways to succeed!

Group Success

Photos from the Reprogram Your Weight Celebration for participants in of Erika Flint's Reprogram Your Weight event. 


3. Discover How Hypnosis Can Provide Relief From A Variety of Issues


Most Commonly Requested relief

Even When Everything Else You've Tried Has Failed, Hypnosis Can Help

These are just a few of the issues that we've helped our clients with. If you don't see your issue listed here, signup for your free consultation to hear out we can address your very specific needs.

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4. Get to Know Erika Flint, Owner of Cascade Hypnosis Center

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, author of  Reprogram Your Weight  and  Lighter

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI, OB, author of Reprogram Your Weight and Lighter

Award-winning hypnotist and best-selling author Erika Flint helps people with hypnosis even when everything else has failed and she trains some of the best hypnotists in the world with a modern and professional system of hypnotherapy that anyone with heart and grit can learn. 

Erika Flint is a registered, and Board Certified Hypnotist; an Accredited Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Instructor; a certified 5-PATH hypnotherapist; a certified 7th Path Self-hypnosis Teacher of the Ultimate 9th Degree; and member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.


Erika's Also a Best-Selling Author

In Reprogram Your Weight, award-winning hypnotist Erika Flint combines insightful and leading edge hypnosis techniques with client success stories of weight loss to help many lose the weight once and for all.

Lighter incorporates insights from helping hundreds of clients finally lose the weight with leading-edge hypnosis techniques, and makes it easy to implement with 31 tools to get you started feeling lighter right away. 


5. Learn More About Cascade Hypnosis Center


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide compassionate and professional hypnotherapy training and services that empower people to align with and achieve their greatest aspirations. We are committed to providing the best hypnosis services to our clients and are constantly staying up to date on the best and most effective hypnosis techniques in the profession.  Our values are based on commitment and respect. All of our sessions are completely confidential.

Our Practice

We care about people first and foremost. We understand that you may have tried everything else before wanting to use hypnosis to help you with your issue. We respect your beliefs and treat you with respect. Our office is in a safe, comfortable, and convenient location in downtown Bellingham in the historic Bellingham National Bank building. It is very important to us that your particular situation is addressed, and all your concerns met. We are experienced in helping people achieve their goals.

Erika Flint, Cascade Hypnosis Center

Learning to Relax

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