Loses Weight Along with Cravings for Carbs and Sugar

“Like most people who are overweight, I tried every diet program there was to lose weight, only to gain it back again. It just became a way of life….lose the weight…put it back on…and repeat for years. I had no “will power” and considered myself a carb-o-holic.

Erika will change your life. I went to lose weight, but got so much more. She is a beautiful, gentle, caring professional who changed my life. Not only am I losing weight, I am sleeping thru the night. I can handle stress. My self-esteem is back. I have more energy. I have the desire to do things, and my depression is gone.

Erika got to the “root” of WHY I was on this self-destructive roller coaster of a life. From the first day I met with her, I lost my craving for carbs and sweets and I have not looked back*.

Do not hesitate to call Erika. Stop the insanity. I did. It is by far the best thing I have ever done for myself”

-Sharon, Lynden, WA*