Stop Smoking

You CAN Stop Smoking FOR GOOD with Hypnosis


Hi, I’m Erika Flint, award-winning Hypnotherapist, best-selling Author,  and Accredited instructor at Cascade Hypnosis Center.

We help people stop smoking for good with hypnosis in as little as 2 sessions without gaining weight.

Hypnosis helps you stop smoking for good easier than ever before. It will bring you freedom and peace of mind again.

We help people stop using all types of tobacco products, including patches, chew, pouches, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigs, and marijuana.

Hypnosis works, even when everything else has failed.

So if you've tried stopping in the past without success, hypnosis may be exactly what you need to stop for good and get the freedom and enjoyment you want out of life by being a non-smoker. 

We've helped hundreds of people stop smoking - get the results you want now by signing up for a free consultation to get started. No obligation, consultations offered daily.

There are a lot of reasons to Stop Smoking for good:

  • Feel in control again – no more feeling the constant urge to smoke.

  • Save money ( or spend money on things you really want ).

  • Increased health – breathing more easily, reduced worry about long-term health effects of smoking.

  • Smell fresh and clean – no more cigarette or smoking smell or mess.

  • Reduce stress – not worrying anymore about trying or wanting to stop smoking.

  • Reduce concern from friends, family, and health care providers – no more discussions or looks of concern from friends and family or your doctor.

  • Spend more time with grandkids and other people you love – have you had someone say they don’t want you to spend as much time with them or their family because you smoke? This is common – grandparents not spending as much time with grand kids because of the smell, mess, or simply because they can’t keep up with the kids because of lower health function.

  • Do more of the things you love again – putting your time and energy into things you love instead of the cost and inconvenience of continuing to smoke.

  • Feel the freedom of being a non-smoker – FEELING good inside about yourself, your relationships, and your life. The lightness and peace that comes with being a non-smoker.

Along with stopping smoking, most clients see improvements in other areas of their lives when they quit smoking because our hypnosis process replaces the smoking habit with different healthy behaviors and habits.

Our Stop Smoking Program is Designed to Keep You from Gaining Weight

It doesn’t make sense to trade in one unhealthy habit for another, and we understand concerns that people have about gaining weight when the stop smoking. Our program is specifically designed to get at the root problem, and change unhealthy habits to healthy ones so you stop smoking without any weight gain.

Our approach at Cascade Hypnosis Center to stopping smoking is based on the most important aspect of any hypnosis session – you!

We customize stop smoking programs based on your unique issues surrounding the techniques of quitting smoking, including looking carefully at :

  • your work and stress level

  • your daily habits

  • your emotional health

  • any distracting behaviors

  • stress and other issues contributing to your overall well being

For most clients, smoking is part of their lifestyle, and at Cascade Hypnosis Center we understand that quitting smoking is never easy – but we make it easy with hypnosis. You’ve likely already tried to quit before. We go after the root issue that is keeping you reaching for that cigarette – not just nicotine, but the underlying social, and emotional reasons for smoking. Our approach dissolves the underlying issue, giving you the freedom to quit for good.

We help people quit smoking for good all the time, call us today to get started now : 360-392-8723.


*Note : Results May Vary. Hypnosis results will vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.