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PAIN FREE after Brief Hypnosis Session

Reprogram Your Weight LIVE : March 25, 2017 Feedback* 

"Thank you so much for such a great day full of pearls, both the stories and the tips. I have been thinking that the pains I've suffered with the last few months were entirely due to auto-immune responses to wheat and dairy. What a surprise to walk out of the hotel pain free!! After a good night's sleep, the pain was still almost gone. New diagnosis? Stress. Your brief hypnotic sessions helped me to relax in a way I haven't for years, perhaps since childhood. Eating wheat and dairy were ways to de-stress with "comfort foods" from youth and they didn't work, but made things worse. I now understand the connection and will look at food as nourishment rather than escapes from daily tension and stress. Thank you!"*

H, Bellingham, WA*