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Changing Habits through Hypnosis for Better Weight Loss

How hypnosis decodes the emotional baggage that keeps people trapped in unhealthy eating practices.

Relying on willpower to change poor eating habits is difficult, and more often than not, ineffective. But with the help of hypnosis, it’s possible to understand how the mind subconsciously resists change, and to recondition it to foster new, successful patterns for healthy eating.

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Erika Flint's Interview on Book Journeys Radio

How does hypnosis help people lose weight? Listen in on this Book Journey's Radio interview with best-selling author Erika Flint on her book Reprogram Your Weight. In this interview Erika talks about how we are conditioned to overeat - the "clean plate club", the neuroscience of automatic eating, and how hypnosis can help eliminate emotional eating and change habits to enable permanent weight loss without struggle or deprivation.

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