Erika Flint's Interview on Book Journeys Radio

Book Journeys Radio : Ep 159: Erika Flint on Reprograming Your Weight

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Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Reprogram Your Weight Interview Highlights

1:26 : What is your book Reprogram Your Weight is about?

2:00 : Patterns - What the brain is doing with food and eating

2:45 : Knowing WHAT to do to lose weight, but not following through

3:25 : Who Reprogram Your Weight is written for

4:50 : How DO you Reprogram Your Weight?

4:10 : How do we get in this problem to begin with

4:35 : Being disconnected from our body and the cues of an appetite

4:40 : Stuck at the dinner table until we finish dinner

5:25 : The "Clean Plate Club"

5:40 : Cravings, sugar, and Halloween Candy

7:10 : Emotional Eating : Eating because your sad, happy, upset

7:45 : Why we don't tend to over eat broccoli and brussels sprouts

8:30 : Ending up at the drive through instead of our great healthy plans

9:15 : Your brain wants you to feel better

10:00 : Pattern recognition and background in Software Engineering

11:30 : Hypnosis gives us our power back - reconnecting with your own inherent power

13:00 : Coming in for weight loss, but leaving with so much more

14:20 : How to stay on topic when writing a book

14:45 : Find the best in the business and model after them

15:50 : Staying on topic for hopeless and desperate clients wanting to lose weight

17:46 : How we learn best - and why it matters for weight loss

18:30 : Give me the weight loss pill! In book format

20:00 : Weight loss can be simple when you know what you're doing - skip the deprivation

20:30 : Reprogram how you think and feel and get in alignment with your body

20:52 : Kids in general eat when they're hungry and stop when they're full

21:40 : Lost 5 pounds while enjoying pizza and pasta

22:15 : More energy when you eat the right amount of food

22:50 : How hypnosis helps - getting rid of the knee-jerk reaction

23:10 : The neuroscience of changing a habit : eating in front of the TV

23:40 : Emotional eating and messages in our brain that make us eat more including limiting beliefs

25:00 : Hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind

26:10 : Hypnosis is about clients taking control back over areas in their life they want control

27:10 : Begin with the end in mind

27:40 : Information doesn't teach - doing things and feeling things teach us

29:00 : Thank you