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You Belong

in case you forgot....

you are good
you are enough
you are lovable
you belong
you matter

now with all of that, take in a nice deep breath - the deepest ever to the tips of your toes, and at the top of your breath, a moment of pure bliss emerges..... exhale out all stress, tension, and anxiety.... ( repeat )

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Erika Flint's Interview on Book Journeys Radio

How does hypnosis help people lose weight? Listen in on this Book Journey's Radio interview with best-selling author Erika Flint on her book Reprogram Your Weight. In this interview Erika talks about how we are conditioned to overeat - the "clean plate club", the neuroscience of automatic eating, and how hypnosis can help eliminate emotional eating and change habits to enable permanent weight loss without struggle or deprivation.

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