The Easiest Self-Hypnosis Method

By Erika Flint

Hypnotherapist Erika
Hypnotherapist Erika

Most people that come to see me at Cascade Hypnosis Center have busy lives. They don't have time to learn a complicated method for self-hypnosis, and so I teach them the The Easiest Self HypnosisMethod. The entire process takes seconds to learn, and only a few minutes each day to enjoy the results of stress reduction and more enjoyment out of life.

The Easiest Self-Hypnosis Method

  1. Sit Down in a comfortable position
  2. Find a spot on the ceiling or wall to focus on
  3. Count down from 10 to 1 taking in nice deep breaths, and opening and closing your eyes with each number. Imagine erasing the number each time, like on a chalk board.
  4. After you get to 1, continue breathing normally and naturally allowing yourself to go deeper with each exhale
  5. Using your thumb and finger to keep track, repeat "I enjoy taking the time to relax each day" 10 times

When finished, simply count up from 1-10 and open your eyes feeling refreshed and great in every way That's it. Do this as you come home, before you begin your evening or before you start your day. You'll see results in a few days - more focus, more enjoyment in everyday activities.

But what if? What if I don't have a quiet space to do this in? That's fine - you don't need to be in a completely quiet environment. Focus on your breathing. What does that mean? Listen to the sound of your breath entering and leaving your body. Place your hand on your belly to make sure you're doing full belly-breathing (the healthy breathing we all do naturally as babies), and repeat after step 4 "Every sound takes me deeper relaxed".

As with all self-hypnosis, this is not intended to be done while driving or operating machinery - the idea is to relax, so only do it when and where you would feel comfortable doing other relaxing activities, like reading or writing.