Hypnosis Helps Her Stop Drinking and Now She Laughs Out Loud Again!!

So if I could go back and change any one thing in my life it would be to say "no thank you " to that first martini! 

Well I finally did the next best thing. I called Erika.

I had already tried treatment and AA without success. Both experiences were unpleasant to say the least. When I called Erika I was as far down as is possible to go! 

I was having thoughts that I never ever thought possible for me. I had given up and was resigned to the pathetic fact that I would die an alcoholic. I LIVED for my next drink. Every bit of my life centered on that one thing.

I don't think I can put into words the dark and heavy weight that rested on me all the time. I was nothing.

Meeting Erika I felt immediately at ease and by the end of our first session I had hope again!!! 


Every time we met this feeling increased and with her knowledge, passion for her work, kindness, confidence in me, her smile and words of comfort and encouragement I've made it! 

I am saved from myself! 

I'm a good person again.

I can be thoughtful and giving again! 

I can love my wonderful husband again! 

I can throw my head back and laugh out loud! 

I am healed!! 

But I don't know how to tell her how very verymuch she has done for me and how very grateful I am that she called me right back and made time to see me. I am BLESSED to have met her. Please don't wait another moment to pick up your phone and ask her to help you.