Sports Performance

Sports Performance Issues

Hypnosis can help you improve your PR

Hypnosis can help you improve your PR

Have you been diligently training for an athletic event, like the Bellingham Bay Marathon, the Bellingham Traverse, or Ski to Sea? Would you like to supplement your training with some Mental Muscle? At Cascade Hypnosis Center we use a powerful method for improving athletic performance.

Competing and staying on top of your game not only requires diligent training, but also maintaining the right mental focus. Even if you’re only competing against yourself, having self-doubt, anxieties, and fears can be detrimental your athletic performance.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help you alleviate pre-competition anxieties, overcome mental obstacles, and remove any negative thoughts. You will be able to enhance your focus and concentration, improving your athletic performance.

We Are Experienced with Sports Performance Issues

At Cascade Hypnosis Center, our certified professional hypnotherapist will work one-on-one with you using our specialized program just for sports performance .

The sports performance program at Cascade Hypnosis Center consists of :

  • Identifying and overcoming any sports related issues that you may have so that you can stay focused and be on top of your game
  • Introducing new techniques for building Mental Muscle – proven methods for improving your mental focus, confidence, and expectations for success

The combination of these two elements together provides the necessary mental composure to reach your athletic goals.

Zippity Do Dah

Erika Flint, BA, BCH, A+CPHI

Hypnotist Erika Flint has completed 12 marathons, multiple endurance cycling  road tours,  and  is trained in 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy, a system of hypnotism that has been recognized by the world’s largest hypnosis organization, the National Guild of Hypnotists!

Our hypnotherapy sessions can help you improve your sports performance in the following areas:

  • Endurance
  • Performance
  • Increase Motivation
  • Remove Distractions
  • Remove negative thoughts
  • Confidence
  • Increase motivation and determination
  • Enhance mental ability
  • Adjust body weight
  • Memory enhancement
  • Athletic Skills
  • Enjoyment of activity

If you have questions, would like to make an appointment or take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation call us at 360-392-8723.