Reprogram Your Weight in Bookstores July 4

Reprogram Your Weight is in bookstores July 4. Learn how to lose weight with hypnosis, even when everything else has failed. 

This is the best-selling online book that I've used to help hundreds of clients lose weight with hypnosis and transform their daily lives from struggle and frustration to peace and happiness. 

  • Learn how to reprogram the mind and create healthy habits so you’re not thinking about food all the time.
  • Learn a powerful strategy to eliminate emotional eating forever.
  • See how clients used specific brain “hacks” that helped them amplify what they naturally did well to lose weight faster.
  • Learn a systematic method to incrementally and consistently lose weight that doesn’t include a food plan, or an excessive exercise program.
  • Discover how to spot and remove “bad” data that is holding you back from your weight loss goals.
  • Learn a new way to think about food that makes losing weight easier than ever before.
  • Learn to use your body’s natural and unique strengths to accelerate your ability to lose weight.