Inspirational Client Success with Hypnosis Video

This video is  a small sampling of some of our 2016 Hypnosis success stories. 

I begin the video by answering the most popular questions  I get as a hypnotist: What is Hypnosis? What can it be used for? 

I hope you enjoy this inspirational video of client wins - here's a few mentioned in the recording : 

  • Wearing jeans for the first time in 5 years
  • Not eating when I'm not hungry
  • Not smoking for a week
  • Down 5.5 pounds and no sweet cravings
  • 60 days no drinking - no desire to either - got my life back
  • Down 92 pounds! 
  • Eating half of what I used to eat - pants looser
  • Sleeping better at night

What would you like one of your successes to be? Let us know by scheduling a complimentary consult now