Lost Weight “Without Even Trying”

“When I first contacted Erika Flint of Cascade Hypnosis Center, I was 50 pounds overweight and feeling hopeless. I had joined Weight Watchers three times in the past, losing weight only to gain it back. Diets had proven to be only a temporary fix that ended with me feeling even more defeated. I knew I was an emotional eater, how was any diet going to help me?

From the minute Erika started describing the program as combining healthy eating with addressing emotional issues that cause me to eat, I began to feel hopeful. After six sessions, I have lost 11 pounds without even trying, and continue to lose weight! But in addition to losing the weight (without feeling deprived), hypnotherapy helped me address emotional issues that had been sapping me of energy and causing me to turn to food for comfort.

I recommend this program for anyone with issues that keep you from moving forward in your life. Even if you don’t have a weight problem!”

-Linda, WA*