Hypnosis for Drug and Alcohol Abuse


Hypnosis can be very effective at treating drug and alcohol issues, even when everything else has failed. Our approach to drug and alcohol abuse is different, and even if you've been to an  expensive treatment center, hypnosis can still help. As a matter of fact many of our clients have been through expensive treatment centers in the past which often provides temporary relief, but hypnosis is different and it can provide lasting results.

The reason that hypnosis works so well and provides lasting results is that we go directly where the problem actually exists - the underlying issue residing in your subconscious that is causing the over use of drugs and alcohol. Our approach is two-fold :

    • The powerful 5-path ® approach of hypnosis removes all underlying emotional issues that are causing the problem.
    • At the same time we remove and change destructive patterns and habits that contribute to the continued substance abuse, teaching you new ways of living and being that are positive and helpful.

The combination of these two elements provides fast and effective relief from substance abuse, even when everything else has failed.

Drug and alcohol abuse can be devastating, and it impacts families and loved ones in addition to the one suffering from abuse. You don't have to feel out of control anymore, you can regain control once again and get your life back with hypnosis. Imagine getting control back, living your life again the way you want without the constant pull of drugs or alcohol. Hypnosis helps you set yourself free from the destructive patterns and habits of substance abuse.

We help a lot of people with substance abuse, and every person is different. All of our sessions are confidential, one-on-one, and individualized for your unique situation, because we know everyone has a different story and a different background. We customize all sessions just for you.

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