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Attention Entrepreneurs!  

Is Your Weight Holding you Back from the business of your dreams?

Achieve Lasting Weight loss without the struggle! With hypnosis, create a thriving business of your dreams!

Hypnosis works — even when everything else has failed. With hypnosis you will : 

  • Have Peace of Mind — stop thinking about food all the time.
  • Lose weight every week consistently.
  • Experience increased energy.
  • Sleep better.
  • Eat the way you want to eat — healthier and more consistently but without deprivation. 
  • Eliminate sugar and carb cravings.
  • Follow through on what you know is best for you - feel good about yourself.
  • Enjoy wearing the clothes you want to wear.
  • Look forward to photos and video with you featuring your business and client successes.
  • Create a thriving business of your dreams. 

I've been helping people lose weight with hypnosis — even when everything else has failed for years.  I can help you too so you can focus on your business! 

Before becoming an award-winning hypnotist and best-selling author I was in the computer business. I was a software engineer for over 15 years in Silicon Valley. But it was not the job for me — I wanted so much more, a fulfilling career where I could truly help people. That's when I found hypnosis. 

Now I help people reprogram their hearts and minds with hypnosis to achieve results they've been unable to do otherwise. 

Most of my clients are highly successful and intelligent  and it's very frustrating for them to not be able to "fix" this one thing - their weight. 

I know it can be frustrating, and as an entrepreneur trying to help people, it's even more frustrating when it could be impacting your business because you just don't feel like you have the energy to do what you want to do, or you don't feel like being in pictures, video, or don't like how you feel in your body or when you look in the mirror. Many of my clients state they just don't feel like themselves. 

I started working with entrepreneurs right away — so many small business owners and entrepreneurs are stressed about their business, cash flow, and so many other things while they often juggle a family, paying bills and everything else. Many of them came to me initially to lose weight. 

And that's when I noticed an interesting thing start to happen. 

They lost the weight, yes. 

Then they had more energy, and slept better. All of a sudden they were more active and creative, and they were showing up for their business and lives in bigger and bolder ways! Their businesses started thriving! 

Like in Jennifer's story, below...

Jennifer Was Tired of Avoiding Pictures and Video, and Knew her weight was holding her and her business back

Jennifer was a life coach with a dream of helping women find their soul mate. But she increasingly found herself shying away from photos, video, and marketing herself because she didn't like how she looked, or felt, because of her weight.

Growing a business often means skipping that workout or eating something unhealthy on-the-go

"I know exactly what to do" I told Jennifer, "It's not your fault - there are so many components that go into growing a business, that sometimes we put our own self-care last. Pretty soon without realizing it, it's a few years later and you've gained 20 extra pounds. Or you realize the weight you've always carried is now a hinderance to your success more than ever before." 

Lasting Weight Loss without the Struggle - Introducing the Reprogram Your Weight System

The Reprogram Your Weight System of weight loss is different. Even if you've tried to lose weight in the past, even if you've tried dozens of times only to gain the weight back with an extra 10 pounds - it still works because it gets at the root cause of over eating. 

Hypnosis works in 2 distinct ways : 

  1. Eliminates emotional eating — no more eating because of stress, anxiety, or because of any false belief - for example, do any of these sound familiar? 
    • Feeling the need to finish all the food on your plate — AKA being a member of "The Clean Plate Club"
    • Not being able to leave the table until you finish all your food. 
    • Being told to "Grow up big and strong".
  2. Changes unhealthy habits to healthy ones - instead of take-out or drive-though food, it will be easy to eat the healthy foods because you will actually want to and feel like it too. 

Hypnosis is Natural And Effective

Despite what you may have heard, ANYONE can go into hypnosis - all that is required is a desire to go into hypnosis, it's not mind-control, and a hypnotist can not force you to go into hypnosis. Those misperceptions are from movies and Hollywood. 

The truth, is that hypnosis is a normal and natural state of mind - you may have gone into hypnosis thousands of times in your life already - it's a state of focused awareness. Anytime you're doing something and time is just passing by and you don't realize it is likely a state of hypnosis, common examples include watching a good movie or reading a great book.

In the hypnosis office we use this state of mind to help you become aware of things you weren't previously aware of - giving you massive insight. From this place it's easy to make changes you truly want to make at that deepest level of who you are and the changes tend to be permanent

It's simple, fast, natural, and easy. I did it myself, and now I'm honored to help people use hypnosis to lose weight every single day.

Down 120 Pounds!

At the last check-in call with my ongoing clients, the total weight loss was 120 pounds over the last 4 months! This is incredible results, and my clients are so happy with their continued weight loss and  how easy it is to lose weight without the struggle or hassle. 

Knowing how to Lose Weight isn't enough

Most of the clients I work with are smart and successful — they know how to set goals, and achieve results. So it's very frustrating for them to know HOW to lose weight, yet be unable to follow through on it consistently. 

There is a reason why we can know what to do, yet not follow through. This is where hypnosis really shines. If you feel as if you know what to do, but don't follow through, know that hypnosis can be the ONE thing that truly helps you overcome this obstacle to achieve lasting weight loss, not for just right now but for the rest of your life. 

Weight Loss with the Reprogram Your Weight System Is Fast and Easy

The Reprogram Your Weight System of weight loss works at a very deep level, by changing your relationship with food. This is different than most weight-loss hypnosis programs. I've figured out after years in this specific area how to help every client achieve lasting weight loss without the struggle using my systematic and unique approach. It's different for every client, and that's why it works. 

It helps to eliminate those common, long-held desires to finish all the food on your plate, graze all day long, night-time snacking, the mindless drive-thru stop, or digging into the candy dish. 

It works by systematically reprogramming how you think and feel about yourself, and your relationship to food. Changes are immediate, and fast. 

Unfortunately there are experiences in our past — bad relationships, abuse, abandonment — that cause shifts in our thinking and being that can have lasting results. I often find that the adverse experiences can cause people to over eat. Hypnosis can address and fix all of those elements. 

8-weeks to lasting weight loss - then you can focus on your business

The 8-week program consists of 4, private, one on one sessions scheduled about a week apart. The other 4 weeks are preparation for the hypnosis process - it's easy, and you'll feel more relaxed and peaceful from the very first day.

One of the first side-effects of hypnosis is feeling more relaxed, energized, and sleeping better, with an improved outlook and focus. This immediate time and energy refund gives you the focus and energy to work on your busuiness to an even greater degree!

Imagine Yourself at your Goal weight - and nothing is holding you back

Instead of worrying about how you look or feel, you're growing your business. You're reaching out to new prospects and easily and effortlessly taking the calculated risk you know makes sense for you. Your self-image isn't holding you back, you feel light, strong, and free to grow your business without anything holding you back. This small investment will yield you at least 10x results! 

Weight Loss Success with Hypnosis

Happy clients using the Reprogram Your Weight System of lasting weight loss without the struggle with Erika Flint. 

Happy clients using the Reprogram Your Weight System of lasting weight loss without the struggle with Erika Flint. 

normally Clients have to wait 6-8 weeks to work with me — but with this special offer just for Archangel Entrepreneurs you can get started today - THere are only 5 spots left for OCTOBER!! 

What you get : 

  • 4, private 1:1 hypnosis sessions with me. Sessions are private and one on one. They are conducted online, or in person from our offices in Bellingham in Washington state. 
  • Once you register, you will immediately receive access to the online training to get you started — no waiting! 
  • Receive both of my best-selling books : Reprogram Your Weight, and Lighter.
  • Hypnosis Recordings to keep you on track every day (note: listening is NOT required for you to be successful!)
  • You will be contacted within one business day to schedule your private sessions. 
  • Begin losing weight naturally with hypnosis. 
  • Sleep better.
  • Enjoy increased energy levels.
  • Feel more like yourself.
  • Create the thriving business of your Dreams instead of worrying about your weight. 

Price: 4 payments of $650.00

ONLY FOR THE FIRST 5 REGISTERED  ENTREPRENEURS: I'll make one payment for you, so the total price is a reduced rate of 3 payments of $650. This is because I believe in the power of Archangel — and I know as an entrepreneur attending this event you are making a difference in the world and I want to support you in your goals of making that happen.

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Erika's Super-Solid-No-Hassle-Massive-Peace-of-Mind-Guarantee


This offer comes with a 100% money back guarantee. You will see yourself in the mirror and you will like your reflection. Your friends will wonder how you were finally able to lose weight without deprivation, struggle, or being grumpy or cranky. You'll have the energy you've always wanted and easily be able to fall asleep. Your business will begin thriving in every direction - you'll be thrilled and happy to be in online videos and photos. You'll show up for your life and business 100%.

A note from Erika : I know it can be difficult to buy things online - especially regarding something you may have never done before. This is different - I've helped hundreds of people lose weight over many years. I stand behind all my work. If you're not completely happy with your results after our first private session together, just send an email ( or call  (844-287-2849) and you'll be refunded 100% the same day! No questions asked. Along with this guarantee, know that hypnosis is NOT magic. To fully realize the full weight loss potential with hypnosis, you have to show up and give it your own 100% in the process for it to be as effective as possible -  that's why I know offering this guarantee to Archangel entrepreneurs is easy for me because you're already completely committed to your business and the change you want to make.  


Warning : Don't wait any longer to feel good and grow your business
you could be feeling better by October! 

PS - I can't wait to See you at Archangel and help you get started Losing weight, feeling amazing, sleeping better, and growing your Thriving Business! 

I lost weight and my business started thriving!
“ I was tired of avoiding photos and video because I didn't feel good about my weight. I knew my business was suffering. So that's when I contacted Erika. 
Now I've lost weight and my business is thriving! ” -JM