Reprogram Your Weight Live NEXT Workshop Series

Reprogram Your Weight Live NEXT Workshop Series

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Welcome to your new future... Parts 2, and 3

Where you welcome all of life with open arms. 

And experience more joy and fulfillment in life, without worrying or thinking about food or weight all the time. 

This is the workshops clients have been asking for for years, and now it's finally here! 

This is part 2, and 3 in the 3 part Reprogram Your Weight LIVE Series. 

In this live, in-person workshop which is based on the Amazon best-selling book, you will : 

  • Learn how to reprogram the mind and create healthy habits so you’re not thinking about food all the time.

  • Learn a powerful strategy to eliminate emotional eating forever.

  • Learn to use specific brain “hacks” that help amplify what you naturally do well to lose weight faster.

  • Learn a systematic method to incrementally and consistently lose weight that doesn’t include a food plan, or an excessive exercise program.

  • Discover how to spot and remove “bad” data that is holding you back from your weight loss goals.

  • Learn a new way to think about food that makes losing weight easier than ever before.

  • Learn to use your body’s natural and unique strengths to accelerate your ability to lose weight.

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This is a series of 2 live events held April 22, and June 10 in Bellingham, WA at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services. 

You must have attended part 1 of this training in order to be eligible to attend parts 2, and 3.

Time : 9 am - 1 pm (approximately), doors open at 8:30

The event is located at Cascade Hypnosis Center for Training & Services : 103 E Holly St. Suite 403 ; Bellingham, WA 98225

The event fee is non-refundable nor transferrable, but recordings will be available.

The event is being recorded for training purposes.