Get Ready for Your Online Hypnosis Sessions

At Least 48 hours Before Your Appointment: 

  • Visit
  • Setup a free Zoom account
  • Install the Zoom software on your computer
  • *Optional* : Request a "test" call to setup technology
    At least 48 hours before your appointment, email and schedule a time  to TEST your setup and the technology to confirm everything works as expected before your appointment.

At Your Appointment Time: 

  • Be settled into an environment where you will be undisturbed for the length of your appointment.
  • Click the your personalized Zoom Link in your confirmation email.
  • Be sure to turn "on" your video and audio (see below)
Instructions and best-practices for clients when participating in live, online, remote hypnosis and hypnotherapy sessions.


Best Practices

    • Use a desktop or laptop computer for online Zoom meetings:
      For best audio/video connectivity, please join your online Zoom meeting room from a computer rather than a smartphone/mobile device.
    • Arrive Early:
      Log in at least 5 minutes early to ensure everything is ready to go and you can connect to Zoom
    • Get Comfortable:
      Chose a comfortable chair and environment. Have a blanket and pillow available, your body temperature will drop while in hypnosis. 
    • Choose a Peaceful Environment:
      You should be in a space where you can be undisturbed for the length of your appointment. I recommend shutting and locking the door, and having animals wait outside the room. 
    • Backup method:
      If we get disconnected or the Zoom call isn't working, we'll use your backup line which is usually your phone. Have that at hand with you. 
    • Create a Quiet Space:
      If you're in a loud or noisy environment, or you are hard of hearing you may want to invest in a nice headset that includes headphones and a microphone. If you need help with this let us know and email us at