A client with trouble sleeping sees huge improvement in sleep – but also gets reduced pain and increased joy

“I came to Cascade Hypnosis Center in hopes of changing my sleeping habits…or more accurately, my “not” sleeping habits. I have been plagued with insomnia for 15 years after chemo therapy for breast cancer put me into early menopause at 49. I feel like I have tried every remedy out there. I had a sleep study done and was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome. I tried many prescription drug…some worked at first, only to become useless within a month. I had tried massage, acupuncture, meditation and lots of supplements from the Naturopath. So I decided to give hypnosis a try. I have to admit I was skeptical about the whole thing. I even had thoughts like “this is crazy…I’m not hypnotized…I am just having a regular conversation with a nice person”.

But I pushed those thoughts out of my mind because I wanted to give it a chance. And I felt a change almost immediately. That first week I slept well five nights out of seven instead of maybe two nights*. As we progressed other things in my life started to change. When I started hypnotherapy I was taking anti-inflammatory meds for arthritis. I began to notice my pain level was going down. By the end of the fourth session I was completely off of pain meds. I have noticed a change in my balance as well and I am handling stress a lot better. And sleeping is good…night time is no longer the enemy. But probably the best part is that I have found joy in my life again. I thought that was an emotion that was gone forever….with my youth. So thank you Erika….you are a life saver!

-C.C. Mount Vernon, WA*

Erika Flint