Reprogram Your Weight : Case Study #1 - Mary Loses 10 Pounds in One Month

Mary (not her real name) came to see me to lose weight. She was classified as diabetic and on diabetes medication. She walked over 6 miles a day - but even that wasn't enough to help her to lose weight and keep it off. There was something else going on.

Below is an email from Mary describing her story.

She gave me permission to share online to help more people discover the power hypnosis has to help people lose weight - even when everything else they've trid has failed.

Every client's story is different, and I help clients in unique ways that work just for them - because whatever is going to lead to permanent change must be feasible for every day use.

When the changes are feasible and sustainable, then they can become habitual, and finally permanent. 

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Dear Erika, I’ve been waiting for this moment to write to you and give you an update on my progress since our last appointment on June 2nd.

I initially came to see you to lose weight and I am happy to report that all the other great changes are still in place and thriving.

  1. I no longer have panic attacks. I was having them up to four times a day. So Praise the LORD, those are gone.
  2. I love being able to pin point my emotions and understand why I am feeling the way I do. So my new calmer demeanor is still working amazingly well for me.
  3. Another unexpected benefit of your therapy was that I had cut my diabetes medication in half in that six week period. That was a direct connection to you helping me to eliminate all junk sugar and junk carbs from my diet. I am still not craving sugar and that was an immediate response to that very first session. No interest in desserts or empty carbs. They will not get me where I want to go. I can still easily visualize that huge pile of foods that were keeping me from my goals of a slimmer body and a healthier body. That tool is still working great, as well. The end result of kicking those cravings is that when I saw the doctor at the end of June, she took me off the diabetes meds, altogether. I am still monitoring my numbers and the doc will check me in October but she thinks that I will need to be re-classified as Pre-diabetic at that time. WOOHOO!!!!
  4. And finally, the great news. It turns out that the diabetes medication was blocking my weight loss.  I saw the doctor but as of today, I have lost 10 pounds in a month. While I will still be classified as “Pre-Diabetic” the doctor thinks that will change to “Normal” once I get the next 70 pounds off.

So this e-mail is to thank you, so very much, for what you have done for me. I knew it would work and had to work a little harder not to get discouraged.

Keep telling your clients to keep their eyes on the goal and not on the feelings of defeat. When you have so far to go, that is a hard thing to do. The intelligent part of your brain can reclaim dominance. I just didn’t realize I had to go so far back in my emotional history to heal the things that I was still stressing over, even when I thought they were long forgotten events. It is all connected.

Erika, you have given me tangible extended life.

I know that you are a spiritual woman and that you give so much to others. Thank you, my friend. I am so grateful for God leading me to you.

Blessings and Joy, Mary

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