YOU as the director Self Hypnosis Technique

Self Hypnosis empowers you to achieve your goals
Self Hypnosis empowers you to achieve your goals

Yesterday to celebrate World Hypnotism day on January 4, I offered a free workshop on self hypnosis. One of the two self hypnosis techniques I taught in the class is called "YOU as the director". The details of this technique are listed below. It can be used to support you in making a change you want to make in your life. It starts with the first four steps of The Easiest Self Hypnosis Method:

  1. Sit Down in a comfortable position
  2. Find a spot on the ceiling or wall to focus on
  3. Count down from 10 to 1 taking in nice deep breaths, and opening and closing your eyes with each number. Imagine erasing the number each time, like on a chalk board.
  4. After you get to 1, continue breathing normally and naturally allowing yourself to go deeper with each exhale, and
  5. Imagine that you are starring in a movie AS IF you have already made the change you want to make in your life:
  6. Use multiple senses to make your movie as real as possible:
    • Sight : look around noticing everything you can, how do you look, how your surroundings appear? Take a look in the mirror and notice what you look like, and what you're wearing, do you see a sparkle in your eye? What is new in your life since you've achieved this goal?
    • Sound : what does it sound like, what can you hear ?
    • Feeling: what does it feel like inside to have achieved your goal? Are you lighter, healthier? How does it feel to move and breath?
    • Taste and Smell : are there any particular smells associated with achieving your goal, or anything you can taste?
    • Are there any specific colors or sounds associated with achieving your goal?
  7. Continue to imagine yourself already achieving your goal and capturing as much of it as you can. Recognize that the spark it takes to achieve your goal is already inside of you.

When you're ready, simply count from 1-10 and emerge feeling great in every way - hopeful and energized to everything you need to in order achieve all of your goals.

This technique works because it gives our subconscious mind a future expectation of success, so you will begin living your life AS IF you have already achieved your goal.

Welcome to the new you.